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The Animalcorns is a story of a bunch of quirky little Animals with unicorn horns, they dream of being more then just worms, penguins and whales but instead breakdancers, surfers and ninja spys! Follow the story of the Animalcorns and learn that its possible to do and be anything with a little willpower and desire!


“Every so often, a children’s book comes along that is so wonderful that I not only hold a perpetual smile throughout the entire reading, but I also get this giddy thought that I want to purchase copies of the book for all of my close friends whether or not they have children. Hold Tight is one such book. Maxwell Miller is a character that children and adults alike can relate to. He is a dreamer, with glorious thoughts of being a super hero, a pirate, a hollywood star. With absolutely awesome illustrations (the sharks are seriously hilarious) and a great message, this book really is great for a vast range of children and adults. This is a great readaloud for parents and librarians, and would make a great gift. Maxwell Miller, I love unicorns too. ”

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